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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Lucy Ratcliffe, 5 books
Charles M. Rosenberg, 5 books
Marco Tanzi, 4 books
Vittorio Sgarbi, 4 books
Giuseppe Berta, 4 books
Francesco Jori, 4 books
Francesco Panero, 4 books
Maurizio Buora, 3 books
Margarete Stillger, 3 books
Giuseppe Dal Ferro, 3 books
John Murray (Firm), 3 books
Rick Steves, 3 books
Carlo Negroni, 3 books
Gilberto Oneto, 3 books
Federica Cengarle, 3 books
Dana Facaros, 3 books
Stefano Maggi, 3 books
Dorothy Stannard, 3 books
Giuseppe Cuscito, 3 books
Paolo Orrù, 2 books
Paola Visentini, 2 books
Francesca Ghedini, 2 books
Bernardino Bagolini, 2 books
Sergio Pace, 2 books
Blanc, Charles, 2 books