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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Valerio Terraroli, 7 books
I.Re.R., 6 books
Giulio Bora, 5 books
E. Bressan, 4 books
Antonio Cantalupi, 4 books
Francesco Ogliari, 4 books
Antonino Bertolotti, 3 books
Pietro Cafaro, 3 books
Alfred Gotthold Meyer, 3 books
Mina Gregori, 3 books
Marco Rossi, 3 books
Rossana Bossaglia, 3 books
Roberto Cassanelli, 3 books
Andrea Bayer, 3 books
Marco Carminati, 3 books
Mario Romani, 3 books
Sandro Chierici, 3 books
Mario G. Losano, 3 books
Marco Bona Castellotti, 3 books
Carlo Perogalli, 3 books
Sergio Rebora, 3 books
Alessandro Manzoni, 3 books
François Menant, 3 books
Perogalli, Carlo., 3 books
Romano, Roberto, 3 books


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