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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Paul Claudel, 43 books
Petit, Jacques, 16 books
Jacques Petit, 10 books
Brunel, Pierre., 9 books
Michel Malicet, 8 books
Joseph Boly, 6 books
Walter Willems, 6 books
Ernest Beaumont, 6 books
Michel Autrand, 6 books
Jacques Houriez, 6 books
Didier Alexandre, 6 books
Jacques Madaule, 5 books
Dominique Millet-Gérard, 4 books
Pascale Alexandre, 4 books
Jacques Madaule, 4 books
Gérald Antoine, 4 books
Pierre Brunel, 4 books
Ruth Reichelberg, 4 books
André Espiau de La Maëstre, 4 books
Eugène Roberto, 3 books
Aimé Becker, 3 books
Michel Lioure, 3 books
Gabriel Marcel, 3 books
Henri Guillemin, 3 books
Wallace Fowlie, 3 books


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