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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Cheiro, 8 books
Lori Reid, 6 books
Josef Ranald, 5 books
Sasha Fenton, 5 books
Fred Gettings, 5 books
Frith, Henry, 4 books
Judith Hipskind, 4 books
Johannes ab Indagine, 4 books
Nathaniel Altman, 4 books
Jean Belot, 4 books
Heron-Allen, Edward, 3 books
Anderson, Mary, 3 books
Webster, Richard, 3 books
Noel Jaquin, 3 books
Elizabeth Daniels Squire, 3 books
Fred Gettings, 3 books
Patricio Tricasso, 3 books
Mir Bashir, 3 books
Edward Heron-Allen, 2 books
Maria Gardini, 2 books
Ursula von Mangoldt, 2 books
Bettina Luxon, 2 books
Elizabeth Brenner, 2 books
C. S. d' Arpentigny, 2 books
Sandra Kynes, 2 books


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