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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Aparecida Liberato, 5 books
Sonia Ducie, 4 books
Dusty Bunker, 3 books
Sandra Kovacs Stein, 3 books
Sepharial, 3 books
Arthur I. Miller, 3 books
Norma J. Watts, 3 books
Glynis McCants, 3 books
Shirley Blackwell Lawrence, 3 books
Ellin Dodge, 3 books
Kay Lagerquist, 2 books
Matthew Oliver Goodwin, 2 books
Juno Jordan, 2 books
Thomas R. Manley, 2 books
Louis Hamon, 2 books
Mark Gruner, 2 books
V. I. Korobko, 2 books
Karen Gravelle, 2 books
Leonard R. N. Ashley, 2 books
Pam Bell, 2 books
Zolar., 2 books
David V. Barrett, 2 books
Lloyd Cope, 2 books
Nineveh Shadrach, 2 books
Michael Brill, 2 books


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