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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Don Nardo, 8 books
Jean-Jacques Glassner, 4 books
Sam Barone, 3 books
Jean Bottéro, 3 books
Peter Chrisp, 3 books
Walther Sallaberger, 3 books
Yāsamīn Zahrān, 3 books
Gwendolyn Leick, 3 books
Dominique Charpin, 2 books
Alejandro Núñez Alonso, 2 books
A. R. George, 2 books
Claus Wilcke, 2 books
A. Leo Oppenheim, 2 books
Barbara Krasner, 2 books
Leonard Woolley, 2 books
Ahmed Sousa, 2 books
Ellis, Richard S., 2 books
Paul Garelli, 2 books
Annette Zgoll, 2 books
Marc Van de Mieroop, 2 books
Leon Legrain, 2 books
Elsina Stubbs, 2 books
Enrico Ascalone, 2 books
Jean Bottéro, 2 books
Pamela F. Service, 2 books


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