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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Stewart Clegg, 18 books
Richard L. Daft, 9 books
Michael Lounsbury, 9 books
Martin Parker, 8 books
Ronnie Lessem, 7 books
W. Richard Scott, 7 books
David Dunkerley, 6 books
Gibson, James L., 6 books
Stephen Fineman, 6 books
C. J. Lammers, 6 books
John Hassard, 6 books
Gibson Burrell, 5 books
Monika Kostera, 5 books
Haridimos Tsoukas, 5 books
David M. Boje, 5 books
Max Weber, 4 books
Alexander Styhre, 4 books
Gillian Symon, 4 books
Pravir Malik, 4 books
Mary Jo Hatch, 4 books
Klaus Türk, 4 books
Michael Reed, 4 books
Paul S. Adler, 4 books
Michael T. Hannan, 4 books
Sandro Segre, 4 books


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