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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jay R. Galbraith, 4 books
Amitai Etzioni, 4 books
Charles Perrow, 4 books
Stanley M. Davis, 3 books
James Martin, 3 books
Frederick C. Thayer, 2 books
Odette Pollar, 2 books
Henry Mintzberg, 2 books
Gareth Morgan, 2 books
Warren G. Bennis, 2 books
Gary Dessler, 2 books
Gibson, James L., 2 books
Milton T. Astroff, 2 books
Derek Salman Pugh, 2 books
Silverman, David., 2 books
Tad Szulc, 2 books
Peter F. Drucker, 2 books
Dave Francis, 2 books
Patrick Guillemet, 2 books
Michael Doyle, 2 books
Robert H. Miles, 2 books
Samuel A. Culbert, 2 books
Rafael Steinberg, 2 books
Henry Mintzberg, 2 books
Stewart Clegg, 2 books


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