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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Keith Davis, 8 books
Henry L. Tosi, 7 books
Salaman, Graeme., 6 books
John W. Newstrom, 5 books
Graeme Salaman, 5 books
Randy Hodson, 5 books
Héthy, Lajos., 5 books
Daniel B. Cornfield, 4 books
Rose, Michael, 4 books
Elwood N. Chapman, 4 books
Juan José Castillo, 4 books
Antti Kasvio, 4 books
Norbert Alter, 4 books
Lajos Héthy, 4 books
Jan Spurk, 4 books
Veljko Rus, 4 books
Michele La Rosa, 4 books
Janusz Sztumski, 4 books
Alexander J. Matejko, 4 books
William G. Scott, 4 books
Marcel Bolle de Bal, 4 books
Sharon Lund O'Neil, 3 books
Tom Lupton, 3 books
Fox, Alan., 3 books
Ján A. Pichňa, 3 books


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