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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
John Conduitt, 21 books
Vasco Ronchi, 9 books
Algarotti, Francesco conte, 9 books
Johannes Kepler, 9 books
John Peckham, 8 books
Alhazen, 8 books
Albert Abraham Michelson, 7 books
Emil Wolf, 7 books
Colin Lewis, 7 books
Euclid, 7 books
Roger Bacon, 6 books
Clifford W. Brooks, 6 books
Ferguson, James, 5 books
Johnson, B. K., 5 books
Optical Society Of America, 5 books
IEEE, 5 books
R. John Koshel, 5 books
Francis Weston Sears, 4 books
H. Haferkorn, 4 books
James Ferguson, 4 books
G. A. Boutry, 4 books
Ralph Smith Minor, 4 books
H.P.J. Wijn, 4 books
Jose M. Sasian, 4 books
Witelo, 4 books


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