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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
John Tyndall, 15 books
Peter D. Riley, 13 books
Angela Royston, 12 books
Steve Parker, 11 books
Albert Abraham Michelson, 10 books
Robert Gardner, 10 books
Louise Spilsbury, 9 books
Sally Hewitt, 9 books
Daniel Nunn, 9 books
Jennings, Terry J., 9 books
Barbara Taylor, 8 books
Adam Wax, 8 books
Mari C. Schuh, 7 books
Jean Paul Marat, 7 books
Richard Spilsbury, 7 books
Robert P. Breault, 7 books
Athanasius Kircher, 7 books
Anna Claybourne, 6 books
Jennifer Boothroyd, 6 books
Mike Goldsmith, 6 books
Chris Oxlade, 6 books
Britton Chance, 6 books
Robert Alexander Houstoun, 6 books
Claire Llewellyn, 6 books
Albert Einstein, 6 books