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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Eric Gill, 6 books
Mia Cinotti, 4 books
David Barton (1943-), 3 books
Mel Fowler, 3 books
Aristide Maillol, 3 books
Auguste Rodin, 3 books
Marcia R. Pointon, 3 books
Egon Schiele, 3 books
Peter Weiermair, 3 books
Gottfried Bammes, 3 books
Douglas A. Johnson, 3 books
Pedro Millar, 3 books
Jean-Louis Vaudoyer, 2 books
Jan De Ruth, 2 books
François Jullien, 2 books
Linda Nochlin, 2 books
Andrea Carlino, 2 books
Louis Icart, 2 books
Elena Lazzarini, 2 books
Anthony Hoyland, 2 books
Ennio Morlotti, 2 books
E. N. Petrova, 2 books
Roberto Roda, 2 books
Javier Portús Pérez, 2 books
Clifford P. Catania, 2 books


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