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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Linda Nochlin, 8 books
Yumeji Takehisa, 7 books
Klimt, Gustav, 6 books
Judy Chicago, 6 books
Pablo Picasso, 6 books
Pollock, Griselda., 5 books
Toyokuni Utagawa, 4 books
Mia Cinotti, 4 books
Dian Hanson, 4 books
Max Allan Collins, 4 books
Kendall H. Brown, 4 books
Frank Cho, 4 books
Yasuhiro Shimada, 4 books
Erika Bornay, 4 books
Chris Achilleos, 3 books
Lord Byron, 3 books
Henri Matisse, 3 books
Armand Dayot, 3 books
Jean-Louis Vaudoyer, 3 books
Jennifer Phegley, 3 books
Andreas Feininger, 3 books
Pars Tuğlacı, 3 books
Thomas B. Hess, 3 books
Steffen Wenig, 3 books
Heath, Charles, 3 books


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