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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
C. H. Stratz, 10 books
Nancy Friday, 4 books
W. Chapkis, 3 books
I. B. Chizhova, 3 books
Walker, Alexander, 2 books
Paula Black, 2 books
Hubert Damisch, 2 books
Debra N. Mancoff, 2 books
Philippe Perrot, 2 books
Charla Krupp, 2 books
Wendy Steiner, 2 books
Joanna Frueh, 2 books
Naomi Wolf, 2 books
Mark Schultz, 2 books
Riku Campo, 2 books
Ernestus Vaenius, 2 books
Susan Searight, 1 book
Anne de Marnhac, 1 book
Sylvia Ardyn Boone, 1 book
Hansen, Joseph, 1 book
Fernando Rísquez, 1 book
Wilson Flagg, 1 book
Kim, Hye-wŏn., 1 book
Clark, Kenneth, 1 book
Ozaki, Saeko, 1 book


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