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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Susan Wittig Albert, 12 books
Marianne Pitzen, 9 books
Brandilyn Collins, 8 books
Kei Ohkubo, 8 books
Whitney Chadwick, 7 books
Beverly Lewis, 7 books
Krystyna Wasserman, 6 books
Jan Marsh, 6 books
Cynthia Navaretta, 5 books
Sylvia Moore, 5 books
Mary Ann Caws, 5 books
Frida Kahlo, 5 books
Arlene Raven, 5 books
Harley Jane Kozak, 4 books
Kathryn Lasky, 4 books
Linda Nochlin, 4 books
Margaret Forster, 4 books
Charles de Lint, 4 books
Pollock, Griselda., 4 books
Nancy Princenthal, 4 books
Uta Grosenick, 4 books
Judy Chicago, 4 books
Betty LaDuke, 4 books
Karoline Hille, 4 books
Marsha Meskimmon, 4 books


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