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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
NA, 25 books
Vātsyāyana, 6 books
Philip S. Rawson, 5 books
Rich Larson, 4 books
Louis Dunand, 4 books
Hans-Jürgen Döpp, 4 books
Uwe Scheid, 3 books
Grant, Michael, 3 books
Leonor Fini, 3 books
Tomi Ungerer, 3 books
Taschen Publishing, 3 books
Nik Douglas, 3 books
Boris Vallejo, 3 books
Pablo Picasso, 3 books
Yoshikazu Hayashi, 3 books
Antonio Varone, 3 books
Ronnie Barker, 2 books
Rafael Larco Hoyle, 2 books
Bradley Smith, 2 books
Georges Bataille, 2 books
Poul Gerhard, 2 books
Penny Slinger, 2 books
Pierre d' Hancarville, 2 books
Dorothy Iannone, 2 books
Ove Brusendorff, 2 books


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