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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Anonymous, 52 books
Carlos de Santander, 47 books
Ada Miller, 19 books
Olivia M. Ravensworth, 11 books
NA, 9 books
Marcus Van Heller, 5 books
Susie Bright, 4 books
Guillaume Apollinaire, 3 books
Eric Schlosser, 3 books
Nicole Foster, 3 books
Iwan Bloch, 3 books
Norman Singer, 3 books
Salambo Forest, 3 books
Maxim Jakubowski, 3 books
Valter Boggione, 3 books
Shibusawa, Tatsuhiko, 2 books
Etiemble, 2 books
Aranguren, José Luis L., 2 books
Richard Manton, 2 books
P. N. Dedeaux, 2 books
Carlos de Arce Robledo, 2 books
Penny Slinger, 2 books
J. J. Savage, 2 books
Mullin Garr, 2 books
Boardman, John, 2 books


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