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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jonathon Green, 5 books
George Ostler, 4 books
Charles Emil Kany, 3 books
Sol Steinmetz, 3 books
Catherine Soanes, 3 books
Susie Dent, 3 books
Florin Marcu, 3 books
Andrew Clements, 3 books
Julia Elliott, 3 books
Nadezhda Zakharovna Kotelova, 3 books
Hall, Rich, 3 books
Robert K. Barnhart, 3 books
John Algeo, 2 books
Vladimir Afanasʹevich Makarenko, 2 books
Pierre Merle, 2 books
A. Aldasheva, 2 books
John Ayto, 2 books
Albert Sydney Hornby, 2 books
Maurice Waite, 2 books
Sara Tulloch, 2 books
H. W. Fowler, 2 books
Thomas Creamer, 2 books
R. Syzdyqova, 2 books
Ebenezer Cobham Brewer, 2 books
Hajime Kamei, 2 books


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