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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Laila M. Dawson, 29 books
Rosa Maria Martin, 25 books
Martyn Ellis, 25 books
Penny Ur, 18 books
Mark Hancock, 18 books
Albert C. Dawson, 17 books
Ramon Ribe, 16 books
Manuel Montoro-Blanch, 16 books
Claire Hollister, 16 books
E. Gregory, 16 books
D. Penman, 16 books
R.J. Hares, 14 books
Barbara Howden, 13 books
Graziana Lazzarino, 13 books
David Mort, 13 books
Marty Knorre, 10 books
P.J. Downes, 10 books
E.A. Griffith, 10 books
Thalia Dorwick, 9 books
Angela Labarca, 9 books
Ana Maria Perez-Girones, 9 books
Angela Aries, 9 books
Dominique Debney, 9 books
Nigel Grimshaw, 8 books
Keith Saunders, 8 books


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