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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ronald Ridout, 42 books
Wendy Body, 36 books
Martin Coles, 34 books
Paul Groves, 26 books
J. Love, 23 books
Catherine Allan, 23 books
Helen H. McLullich, 23 books
H Murdoch, 23 books
S. Harkness, 22 books
Neville J. H. Grant, 21 books
Nigel Grimshaw, 20 books
J. Garnett, 20 books
Joyce M. Morris, 16 books
E. Gregory, 16 books
D. Penman, 16 books
Christine Hall, 15 books
C Hall, 15 books
M Coles, 14 books
Mary Jonjo, 13 books
Edward Boima, 13 books
Barbara Howden, 13 books
John Griffin, 13 books
N Grant, 12 books
Jenny Alexander, 11 books
Michael Montgomery, 11 books


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