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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Math-Knots LLC, 146 books
Anne Taylor, 108 books
Fluency Matters, 93 books
Reading A-Z Publishing House, 76 books
Jacob Eli Goodson, 72 books
Liana Robinson, 63 books
Casey Malarcher, 59 books
Jeff Pepper, 54 books
Xiao Hui Wang, 52 books
Lexia Learning Systems LLC, 49 books
Lexia Learning, 47 books
Theresa Marrama, 43 books
Lingo Mastery, 39 books
Matthew Aldrich, 38 books
John Conner, 38 books
Nechamy Segal, 38 books
Tana Reiff, 33 books
Actfl, 32 books
Koli & Olum, 28 books
Bitao Li, 27 books
Jack C. Richards, 27 books
Victor Dias de Oliveira Santos, 27 books
Cheng & Tsui, 27 books
Arlene Sonday, 26 books
Michael Byram, 22 books