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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Agatha Christie, 18 books
Anne Hart, 5 books
François Rivière, 3 books
Gwen Robyns, 2 books
Wilson, Andrew, 2 books
Gillian Gill, 2 books
Deborah A. Stanley, 2 books
Peter Høeg, 2 books
Laura Thompson, 2 books
Jared Cade, 2 books
Martin Fido, 2 books
Sara Constantakis, 2 books
Marie Rose Napierkowski, 2 books
Randall Toye, 2 books
Richard T. Ryan, 1 book
Ben Morselt, 1 book
Kathleen Tynan, 1 book
Mary Wagoner, 1 book
Russell Humke Fitzgibbon, 1 book
John Escott, 1 book
René Clair, 1 book
Andy East, 1 book
Jeffrey Feinman, 1 book
Hubert Gregg, 1 book
Julian Fellowes, 1 book


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