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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Pok-chin Han, 9 books
Suk-cha Yun, 9 books
Sang-bo Kim, 7 books
Hye-sŏng Hwang, 7 books
Pong-nyŏ Han, 6 books
Hwang, Hye-sŏng, 5 books
Chin-hwa No, 4 books
Sŏ-sŏk Yun, 4 books
Hŭi-jŏng Chŏn, 4 books
Kwang-yŏn Kim, 4 books
Hyo-ji Yi, 3 books
Yŏng-sil Han, 3 books
Pok-sŏn Han, 3 books
Uri Madang Tʻŏ (Firm : Korea), 3 books
Lee Wade, 2 books
Nancy Loewen, 2 books
Chun-sik Chʻoe, 2 books
Sun-gyŏng Kim, 2 books
Tŏk-hŭi Kim, 2 books
Yŏn-sik Kim, 2 books
Hyŏn-jin Ko, 2 books
Chʻun-ja Yi, 2 books
Hu-jong Cho, 2 books
Ŭn-sil Kim, 2 books
Chong-chʻŏl Pak, 2 books


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