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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
P. Cornelius Tacitus, 49 books
Jordanes, 18 books
Cornelius Tacitus, 8 books
Rudolf Much, 7 books
Paul the Deacon, 7 books
Felix Dahn, 6 books
Franz Rolf Schröder, 5 books
Vries, Jan de, 5 books
Schmidt, Ludwig, 5 books
Hans von Schubert, 5 books
Johann Jakob Mascov, 5 books
Neckel, Gustav, 4 books
Schwarz, Ernst, 4 books
Gustaf Kossinna, 4 books
Philipp Clüver, 4 books
Todd, Malcolm FSA., 4 books
T. E. Karsten, 4 books
Eduard Norden, 4 books
Allan A. Lund, 4 books
Charles Kingsley, 4 books
Heinrich Beck, 4 books
Carl Clemen, 3 books
Dubos abbé, 3 books
Johannes Hoops, 3 books
Georges Dumézil, 3 books


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