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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Massimo Pallottino, 7 books
Michelle Paver, 5 books
Barry W. Cunliffe, 5 books
Alberto Angela, 4 books
Léon Pol Homo, 4 books
Morgan Llywelyn, 4 books
Kathryn Lomas, 4 books
Stuart Piggott, 3 books
Sabatino Moscati, 3 books
Stephen Baxter, 3 books
Karl Julius Beloch, 3 books
Luke Lavan, 3 books
Richard Krautheimer, 3 books
Andrew Erskine, 3 books
Müller, Werner, 2 books
V. Gordon Childe, 2 books
Ducati, Pericle, 2 books
Eugenio Manni, 2 books
Green, Peter, 2 books
Ettore Pais, 2 books
Alexander Duthie, 2 books
Carmine Ampolo, 2 books
Robert D. Ballard, 2 books
Cotterill, H. B., 2 books
Roger Collins, 2 books


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