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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Herbert R. Coursen, 10 books
Gene D. Phillips, 7 books
Tony Magistrale, 5 books
William Shakespeare, 5 books
Edouard Bessière, 4 books
Robert Giddings, 3 books
Joachim Giera, 3 books
Ken Wlaschin, 3 books
Michael Petzel, 3 books
Courtney Lehmann, 3 books
Robin Ellis, 3 books
Don G. Smith, 3 books
Richard Burt, 3 books
Dianne F. Sadoff, 3 books
Laurence Raw, 3 books
Mark Thornton Burnett, 3 books
Michael Grisko, 3 books
Kenneth Branagh, 3 books
Thomas C. Renzi, 3 books
Russell Jackson, 3 books
Claude Gauteur, 3 books
Sebastiano Gesù, 3 books
Samuel Crowl, 3 books
Egil Törnqvist, 3 books
Bryan Reynolds, 2 books