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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Bram Stoker, 7 books
Alain Pozzuoli, 4 books
Elizabeth Miller, 3 books
Hughes, William, 3 books
Daniel Farson, 3 books
Harry Ludlam, 2 books
Nancy Whitelaw, 2 books
Lyndon W. Joslin, 2 books
Carol A. Senf, 2 books
David J. Skal, 2 books
Walter C. Cambra, 2 books
Leatherdale, Clive., 2 books
Clive Leatherdale, 2 books
Ann Victoria Roberts, 2 books
John Edgar Browning, 2 books
Raymond Buckland, 2 books
Tod Browning, 2 books
Dacre Stoker, 2 books
Marius-Mircea Crișan, 2 books
Margaret L. Carter, 1 book
Marco Zini, 1 book
Tom Jacobson, 1 book
Élodie Beignon, 1 book
Tom Holland, 1 book
Hippolyte, 1 book


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