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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Dora Jane Hamblin, 4 books
Nell Murbarger, 3 books
L. Sprague De Camp, 3 books
David Morrison, 3 books
Nicola Barber, 3 books
Kh Pėrlėė, 3 books
Robert Wauchope, 2 books
Trevor Rowley, 2 books
G. E. Mitton, 2 books
Lambert Florin, 2 books
Dennis, George, 2 books
Carl Patsch, 2 books
Schreiber, Hermann, 2 books
Brion, Marcel, 2 books
Gilbert Charles-Picard, 2 books
Carrie Eldridge, 2 books
Caroline Bancroft, 2 books
Swaan, Wim., 2 books
Avraham Negev, 2 books
Harold Fryer, 2 books
Anne Terry White, 2 books
Osmond Tiffany, 2 books
Beatrice Erskine, 2 books
Sīsak Wanliphōdom, 2 books
Norman F. Carver, 2 books


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