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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Paris, Matthew, 8 books
Charles Petit-Dutaillis, 7 books
Michael Jecks, 7 books
Austin Lane Poole, 7 books
F. M. Powicke, 6 books
A. R. Myers, 6 books
Nicholas Trivet, 6 books
Roberta Gellis, 6 books
Frank Barlow, 6 books
Frank Thorn, 6 books
Medieval Murderers, 6 books
Jessopp, Augustus, 5 books
M. W. Beresford, 5 books
R. R. Davies, 5 books
Sara Wood, 5 books
James Gairdner, 4 books
Hubert Hall, 4 books
H. W. Carless Davis, 4 books
M. T. Clanchy, 4 books
Joel Thomas Rosenthal, 4 books
Nigel Saul, 4 books
John Hooper Harvey, 3 books
Thomas de Burton, 3 books
Coulton, G. G., 3 books
R. Trevor Davies, 3 books


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