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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Christopher Anstey, 11 books
Barry W. Cunliffe, 10 books
Peter Lovesey, 9 books
Peter Lovesey, 7 books
Thomas Guidott, 5 books
Mary Balogh, 4 books
Trevor Fawcett, 4 books
Alfred Barbeau, 3 books
Tobias Venner, 3 books
Michael Z. Lewin, 3 books
Peter Helton, 3 books
John Wroughton, 3 books
Graham Davis, 3 books
Georgette Heyer, 3 books
Lowndes, William, 2 books
John Haddon, 2 books
David Gadd, 2 books
Morag Joss, 2 books
Lewis Melville, 2 books
Ann Barker, 2 books
Cecil Roberts, 2 books
Peter Coard, 2 books
George D. Kersley, 2 books
Edward Jorden, 2 books
Gordon Home, 2 books


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