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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jean-Michel Ganteau, 6 books
Margaret S. Hrezo, 3 books
Robert Velarde, 3 books
Chielozona Eze, 3 books
Anne Rowe, 3 books
Robert Harvey, 3 books
Michele Stanco, 3 books
Louis van Delft, 3 books
Barbara Nathan Hardy, 3 books
Pietro Citati, 3 books
Wiesław Krajka, 3 books
Graham Matthews, 3 books
Sylvia Kasey Marks, 2 books
John Vyvyan, 2 books
J. Allan Mitchell, 2 books
Christina Bieber Lake, 2 books
Paul Cefalu, 2 books
Mark Buchan, 2 books
Margot Kruse, 2 books
Smith, Russell, 2 books
Katharina Pewny, 2 books
Linda Bolton, 2 books
Lawrence I. Berkove, 2 books
Wolfgang Wittkowski, 2 books
Harold Bayley, 2 books


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