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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Andrew Littlejohn, 124 books
Diana Hicks, 124 books
Adrian Doff, 47 books
Michael Swan, 45 books
Catherine Walter, 43 books
Christopher Jones, 43 books
Linda Lee, 31 books
Keith S. Folse, 31 books
Annette Capel, 21 books
Wendy Sharp, 21 books
Louise Hashemi, 21 books
Stephen Slater, 21 books
Stuart Redman, 20 books
Jann Huizenga, 19 books
Barbara Thomas, 18 books
Felicity O'Dell, 17 books
Ruth Gairns, 17 books
John Soars, 17 books
Liz Soars, 17 books
Patricia Aspinall, 17 books
Diana Goodey, 17 books
Linguaphone, 17 books
Linguaphone Staff, 17 books
Kathleen Graves, 17 books
Joanne Collie, 16 books


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