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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Josephine Miles, 5 books
Marguerite Peyrollaz, 5 books
Bernard Groom, 4 books
E. Legrand, 4 books
Le Roy, Georges., 3 books
Ivan Trusler, 2 books
Alfred Gleiss, 2 books
Robert Stephan Hines, 2 books
Karl Ludwig Harth, 2 books
Joan Wall, 2 books
Robert Gartside, 2 books
Werenfels, Samuel, 2 books
John Arthos, 2 books
Kurt Adler, 2 books
Alexander John Ellis, 2 books
Davie, Donald., 2 books
George Rylands, 2 books
Owen Barfield, 2 books
Clara Kathleen Rogers, 2 books
Veré Laura Rubel, 2 books
Léon Brémont, 2 books
David Nichol Smith, 2 books
Cheri Montgomery, 2 books
Timothy Cheek, 2 books
Jeffrey C. Hahner, 2 books


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