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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Tobias Matthay, 7 books
Genrikh Gustavovich Neĭgauz, 7 books
Mathis Lussy, 6 books
Hugo Riemann, 6 books
Arnold Dolmetsch, 6 books
Eva Badura-Skoda, 5 books
Sol Babitz, 5 books
Adolf Kullak, 5 books
Theodor W. Adorno, 5 books
Johann Joachim Quantz, 4 books
Siglind Bruhn, 4 books
Nils-Göran Sundin, 4 books
Timothy Cheek, 4 books
Charles B. Mabon, 4 books
Hermann J. Busch, 3 books
Joan Last, 3 books
Mary Dibbern, 3 books
Felix Weingartner, 3 books
G. Kogan, 3 books
Thurston Dart, 3 books
John Glenn Paton, 3 books
Charles Panzéra, 3 books
Jean-Jacques Eigeldinger, 3 books
Rollin Smith, 3 books
Robert Toft, 3 books


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