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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jacob Neusner, 129 books
John MacArthur, 118 books
Augustine of Hippo, 54 books
Martin Luther, 54 books
Claus Westermann, 51 books
Suyūṭī, 50 books
Adolf von Harnack, 47 books
Walter Brueggemann, 46 books
Chris Keith, 46 books
Andrew Mein, 45 books
Warren W. Wiersbe, 40 books
S. R. Driver, 39 books
Claudia V. Camp, 39 books
Nawawī, 37 books
Craig A. Evans, 37 books
Stanley E. Porter, 37 books
Norbert Lohfink, 35 books
T. K. Cheyne, 34 books
Julius Wellhausen, 33 books
Hans Walter Wolff, 32 books
Martin Hengel, 31 books
Ernest Renan, 30 books
Hermann Gunkel, 29 books
David J. A. Clines, 29 books
Weiss, Bernhard, 28 books


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