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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ambrose Heath, 11 books
Mrs. Beeton, 10 books
Norwak, Mary., 5 books
Partridge, John, 4 books
Maggie Black, 4 books
Florence A. George, 3 books
Sir Kenelm Digby, 3 books
J. S., 3 books
Helen Simpson, 3 books
Kent, Elizabeth Grey Countess of, 3 books
Sarah Don, 2 books
Lillie B. Horth, 2 books
Charles Herman Senn, 2 books
Susanna Avery, 2 books
Monty Don, 2 books
Gervase Markham, 2 books
Montagu Don, 2 books
Lady Arabella Boxer, 2 books
C. W. Earle, 2 books
Ambrose Heath, 2 books
John Murrell, 2 books
Charles Herman Senn, 2 books
Robert Kemp Philp, 1 book
Theodora FitzGibbon, 1 book
Behnke, Kate Emil., 1 book


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