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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
William Buchan, 29 books
Donald W. Kemper, 13 books
John Wesley, 13 books
Aristotle, 12 books
Morris Fishbein, 11 books
Donald M. Vickery, 10 books
A. W. Chase, 9 books
S. A. D. Tissot, 9 books
Tom Smith, 9 books
Jane Smith, 8 books
Edward B. Foote, 8 books
Joey Green, 8 books
Charles B. Clayman, 8 books
Burton Goldberg, 7 books
Leonard Mervyn, 7 books
Barrington Cooper, 7 books
Laurence Gerlis, 7 books
Philip T. Hagen, 7 books
Carol Ann Rinzler, 7 books
Rob Buckman, 7 books
Benjamin Frank Miller, 7 books
Ira Warren, 7 books
G. P. Malakhov, 7 books
Frank W. Cawood and Associates, 6 books
Partridge, John, 6 books


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