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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Karen Bellenir, 12 books
Grant Allen, 5 books
Joyce Brennfleck Shannon, 4 books
Donna Cherniak, 4 books
Mark H. Beers, 4 books
Bruce Buckley, 3 books
M. Sara Rosenthal, 3 books
Carolyn M. Kaelin, 3 books
Keith Eddleman, 3 books
June Engel, 3 books
Andrew J. Fletcher, 3 books
Joanne Stone, 3 books
Les Vandor, 3 books
Patrick Moore, 3 books
Carl Sagan, 3 books
Daniel Benatar, 3 books
Robert Jastrow, 3 books
S. A. D. Tissot, 2 books
F.-V Raspail, 2 books
Mark A. Garlick, 2 books
Ian Stewart, 2 books
Lisa Hark, 2 books
Allan Gross, 2 books
Paul Parsons, 2 books
Tracy Kidder, 2 books


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