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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
James N. Parker, 194 books
Philip M. Parker, 191 books
ICON Health Publications, 70 books
Paul M. Insel, 28 books
Walton T. Roth, 21 books
Corbin, Charles B., 18 books
Geoff Thompson, 16 books
M. Sara Rosenthal, 14 books
Gregory J Welk, 14 books
Jordan Rubin, 13 books
Fahey, Thomas D., 13 books
Editores, 12 books
Burton Goldberg, 11 books
Gerald Secor Couzens, 10 books
Tom Smith, 10 books
Karen Dawn, 10 books
Ruth Lindsey, 10 books
Lynne Robinson, 9 books
William R Corbin, 9 books
Rebecca J. Donatelle, 9 books
Barry Sears, 9 books
Thomas, M.D. Masterson, 9 books
Jo-Ann Heslin, 8 books
National Research Council., 8 books
Joseph Brasco, 8 books


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