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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Saadiah Mohamad, 33 books
Norzailina Nordin, 14 books
Jamie Oliver, 13 books
Suwarsi M. Arukin, 9 books
Patonah Chai Choh, 9 books
Jacques Pépin, 8 books
Parragon Books, 8 books
John Burgoyne, 8 books
Haryati Mat Deris, 8 books
Daniel Van Ackere, 7 books
Cẩm Tuyết, 7 books
Nor Asmawati Nor Din, 7 books
Ina Garten, 6 books
Mark Bittman, 6 books
Ruth Reichl, 6 books
Tyler Florence, 6 books
Carl Tremblay, 6 books
Barbara Sheen, 5 books
Rick Rodgers, 5 books
Annabel Karmel, 5 books
n/a, 5 books
Christopher Kimball, 5 books
Gooseberry Patch, 5 books
Nigella Lawson, 5 books
Noraini Zakaria, 5 books