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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jacques Pépin, 6 books
Barbara Sheen, 5 books
Sarah L. Schuette, 4 books
Taste of Home Books, 4 books
Julia Child, 3 books
Ina Garten, 3 books
Mark Bittman, 3 books
Deborah A. Klein, 3 books
Marilyn La Penta, 2 books
Nancy Tuminelly, 2 books
Helen McCully, 2 books
Michele Scicolone, 2 books
Charlie Trotter, 2 books
Marion Cunningham, 2 books
Morgan, Diane, 2 books
Ruth Reichl, 2 books
Kari A. Cornell, 2 books
Susanna Tee, 2 books
Roger Vergé, 2 books
Phyllis Root, 2 books
Amie Jane Leavitt, 2 books
Roger Verge, 2 books
Belinda Hulin, 2 books
Lee Bailey, 2 books
Jamie Oliver, 2 books


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