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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
John Boening, 11 books
Henri Peyre, 6 books
Auguste Bailly, 6 books
Francisque Vial, 6 books
Charles Martindale, 5 books
Walter Jackson Bate, 4 books
Fritz Strich, 4 books
Sherard Vines, 4 books
Alice Elizabeth (Sawtelle) Randall, 4 books
Christopher Stray, 4 books
Howard D. Weinbrot, 4 books
Roberto Cardini, 4 books
Walter Dietze, 3 books
Thorsten Valk, 3 books
Louis Bertrand, 3 books
Vald Vedel, 3 books
Francis Gallaway, 3 books
Paul Bishop, 3 books
Paul Bénichou, 3 books
Helene Stöcker, 3 books
Cyril Kraus, 3 books
R. H. Stephenson, 3 books
Walter Binni, 3 books
James C. O'Flaherty, 2 books
Elton, Oliver, 2 books