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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Richard Holmes, 9 books
André Maurois, 8 books
Catherine Drinker Bowen, 7 books
Steven Serafin, 6 books
Sir Sidney Lee, 5 books
Holmes, Richard, 5 books
Jeffrey Meyers, 5 books
Leon Edel, 5 books
James Lowry Clifford, 4 books
Edgar Johnson, 4 books
Ivor Goodson, 4 books
Hermione Lee, 4 books
Jan Romein, 3 books
Percy Mansell Jones, 3 books
Tomas Hägg, 3 books
Philippe Lejeune, 3 books
Michael Lackey, 3 books
John Arthur Garraty, 3 books
Wilhelm Hemecker, 3 books
Alain De Botton, 3 books
G. Thomas Couser, 3 books
Kristoffel Demoen, 3 books
Harold Nicolson, 3 books
David Lodge, 3 books
Shōichi Saeki, 3 books


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