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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Forrest Fenn, 4 books
Mark Mullins, 4 books
James F. Strange, 2 books
Barry Reay, 2 books
D. Brendan Nagle, 2 books
Michael Grant, 2 books
Kim Phillips, 2 books
P. W. Pestman, 2 books
Barbara Mertz, 1 book
Christopher Knight, 1 book
Christopher Evans, 1 book
Carol L. Meyers, 1 book
Z. Ben Abdallah, 1 book
Olivier Binst, 1 book
Peter Wiseman, 1 book
Jean Vertut, 1 book
Norman Yoffee, 1 book
Richard Hodges, 1 book
Rosalind Niblett, 1 book
Barbara Roth, 1 book
Peter Zazoff, 1 book
Andrzej Poppe, 1 book
Joanne Segal Brandford, 1 book
Yang, Yuan., 1 book
Isobel Thompson, 1 book


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