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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Omar Fuentes, 37 books
Fernando de Haro, 34 books
John Shand, 12 books
Brian Carabet, 11 books
Angelika Taschen, 10 books
Rene Stoeltie, 9 books
Ana G. Canizares, 8 books
Alejandro Bahamon, 7 books
Barbara Stoeltie, 6 books
Piet Kaas, 6 books
Hugo Kliczkowski, 6 books
Lisa Lovatt-Smith, 6 books
Walter Baumgartner, 5 books
Fernando de Haro Lebrija, 5 books
Elizabeth V. Reyes, 5 books
Christiane Reiter, 5 books
Ludwig Koehler, 5 books
Oscar Riera Ojeda, 5 books
Terence Conran, 4 books
Loft Publications, 4 books
Paco Asensio, 4 books
James McCown, 4 books
Ashley Group, 4 books
R. A. Van Belle, 4 books
Richard A. Van Belle, 4 books


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