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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Better Homes and Gardens, 52 books
Stewart Walton, 48 books
Omar Fuentes, 42 books
United States. Department of Agriculture. Radio Service, 42 books
Terence Conran, 41 books
Elizabeth Wilhide, 38 books
Fernando de Haro, 38 books
Mary Gilliatt, 36 books
Jocasta Innes, 35 books
Tina Skinner, 35 books
Angelika Taschen, 31 books
Wim Pauwels, 30 books
Caroline Clifton-Mogg, 26 books
Diane Dorrans Saeks, 21 books
Judith Wilson, 20 books
Vinny Lee, 19 books
Tricia Guild, 19 books
Paige Rense, 19 books
Sally Walton, 19 books
Sacha Cohen, 18 books
Tessa Evelegh, 17 books
Judith Miller, 16 books
Dominic Bradbury, 16 books
D. Rogers, 16 books
Francisco Asensio Cerver, 16 books