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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Dan X. Solo, 36 books
F. Delamotte, 16 books
Shaw, Henry, 6 books
Ludovico degli Arrighi, 6 books
Russell Maret, 5 books
W. R. Tymms, 5 books
Armin Haab, 5 books
Lewis Foreman Day, 5 books
Carol Belanger Grafton, 5 books
J. Midolle, 5 books
Ludwig Petzendorfer, 5 books
Rogers, Bruce, 5 books
Hunt, W. Ben, 5 books
Frederic W. Goudy, 4 books
Koch, Rudolf, 4 books
Hermann Zapf, 4 books
Oscar Ogg, 4 books
Giovanni Antonio Tagliente, 4 books
Percy John Delf Smith, 4 books
Margaret Shepherd, 4 books
Jones, Owen, 4 books
Frederick S. Copley, 3 books
Matthew Digby Wyatt, 3 books
Geoffroy Tory, 3 books
Thompson, Tommy, 3 books


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