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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Rita Weiss, 45 books
Debbie Bliss, 40 books
Jean Leinhauser, 35 books
Kaffe Fassett, 27 books
Eleanor Burns, 26 books
Jeanne Stauffer, 24 books
Leisure Arts, Inc, 23 books
Linda Causee, 22 books
Candi Jensen, 22 books
Nicky Epstein, 22 books
Nancy J. Martin, 21 books
Julie S. Hasler, 20 books
Erika Knight, 19 books
Needlecraft Shop, 19 books
Jodie Davis, 18 books
Donna Kooler, 18 books
Melinda Coss, 17 books
Gwen Marston, 17 books
Alice Starmore, 17 books
Barbara Christopher, 17 books
Trisha Malcolm, 17 books
Edie Eckman, 16 books
Alex Anderson, 16 books
Jane Greenoff, 16 books
Sandra L. Hatch, 16 books


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