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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jean Leinhauser, 24 books
Margaret Hubert, 12 books
Candi Jensen, 12 books
Rita Weiss, 12 books
Betty Hechtman, 11 books
Sandy Scoville, 8 books
Annie's Attic (Firm), 6 books
Anne Champe Orr, 6 books
Edie Eckman, 5 books
Belle Robinson, 5 books
Cecily Keim, 5 books
Leslie Linsley, 5 books
Pam Dawson, 5 books
Pauline Turner, 5 books
Annette Lep, 4 books
James Walters, 4 books
Kim P. Werker, 4 books
Denise Black, 4 books
Robyn Chachula, 4 books
Barbara Christopher, 4 books
Xianhua He, 4 books
Sophie Tatum LaCroix, 4 books
Kathy Wesley, 4 books
Sharon Hernes Silverman, 4 books
Sylvia Cosh, 3 books


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