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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ann Benson, 17 books
Jean Campbell, 15 books
Wendy Simpson Conner, 13 books
Dorothy Wood, 11 books
Jean Power, 11 books
Linda Jones, 11 books
Sara Withers, 10 books
Shuhui Lin, 10 books
Cheryl Owen, 9 books
Lijun Zhan, 8 books
Qiyin Yang, 8 books
Kalmbach Publishing Company, 8 books
Diane Fitzgerald, 8 books
Jane Davis, 7 books
Janet Coles, 7 books
Carole Rodgers, 7 books
Stephanie Burnham, 6 books
Margot Potter, 6 books
Tammy Powley, 6 books
Judith Durant, 6 books
Elizabeth Gourley, 6 books
Bead and Button Magazine Editors, 6 books
Katie Hacker, 5 books
Jamie Cloud Eakin, 5 books
Ellen Talbott, 5 books