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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Leisure Arts, 33 books
Vanessa-Ann Collection (Firm), 25 books
Jane Greenoff, 22 books
Donna Kooler, 19 books
Linda Gillum, 19 books
Julie S. Hasler, 16 books
Kooler Design Studio, 12 books
Jayne Netley Mayhew, 10 books
Gerda Bengtsson, 9 books
Julie Hasler, 9 books
Joan Elliott, 9 books
Jo Verso, 9 books
Claire Crompton, 8 books
Jana Hauschild Lindberg, 8 books
Sam Hawkins, 8 books
Gail Lawther, 8 books
Dorothea Hall, 8 books
Barbara Baatz, 7 books
Gillian Souter, 7 books
Terrece Beesley, 7 books
Better Homes and Gardens, 7 books
Sue Cook, 7 books
Lesley Teare, 7 books
Marie Barber, 6 books
Dorothy Wood, 6 books


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